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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Great Day!

Today was a great day! Where do I start....

Once upon a time ago I was inspired by photographer Jeremy Cowart's Help Portrait initiative. And have always wanted to do something similar. Other photographer friends of mine, had similar dreams, but we had never got around to it.

My friend Dan Rossi, who owns the charity 5 With Drive , had another amazing brain child for Calgary's women. And today was the second Women's Health Expo.

"The Women’s Health Expo is an annual event which looks at providing women, particularly vulnerable women impacted by poverty, domestic violence and single parenthood, a day of opportunity and insight. The Expo provides the tools needed for women to reach their goals of achieving greater self-sufficiency. Information and resources on site provide exposure for women to identify with groups and programs that will positively impact their lives. This event includes organizations that work in the areas of domestic violence, health and wellness, education and money management. Numerous displays create awareness and education of support networks that are available in Calgary. Our desired goal is to impart hope to underprivileged women by working collectively as a community. This event was a resounding success last year, with over 350 women in attendance. We hope that with the addition of several educational sessions, this event will attract over 500 women this year."

There were henna booths, doctors, dentists, free clothing, food, seminars, etc. It was a great event. We were all able to combine our passions and give back to our city. We had a beauty booth, providing, haircuts, styling, makeup and a mini photo session.

My friend Brittany Robart came along side and helped make it happen. Two of my photographer friends, Britta Kokemor, and Jessy Bee helped with the photography. Caroline Stanley, Michelle Dewar, Pam Hoof, and Karyn Zuidhof helped make everything run smoothly. I am so blessed to have so many friends to support and come along side of me. Thank you ladies!

It was a fun day making women feel special and beautiful. Seeing them smile when they saw their picture printed was priceless.

Hopefully we can all do it again next year!

Thanks to the Camera Store for helping us out with the printer. Thanks to Shoppers Drug Mart for donating some makeup supplies!

The photo booth team! (we were too busy and forgot to get the rest :( ).

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