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Friday, April 1, 2011

Amazing Love

I took this photo while I was in Guatemala on behalf of Athentikos doing still photos and film for the documentary Reparando. Each day we were in the slum La Limonada we would join the community for lunch at someone's house. Ten to fifteen people would all duck through doors to fit in small one or two room homes, sit on beds or whatever was available to share a meal. These were some of my favourite times. True community and friendship was very evident. Even though these families did not have much, they were completely willing to share whatever they could with their neighbours.

This couple was a testament of the hope and love in La Limonada ad-mist the pain and violence they are surrounded by. He is blind and not very mobile. She is old, frail, and suffers from stomach problems. They love each other so much and are devoted to caring for each other. Their home is always open to those in the community.

To learn and hear more about beautiful stories of hope in Guatemala check out to find a premiere near you.

The Calgary premiere will be on April 14th at the Uptown Stage & Screen.

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