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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Streetlight - Ivy

Ivy comforting one of the regular youth at Streetlight.

Over the last month I have been putting in many hours planning the Reparando April 14, Calgary Premiere. I'm really looking forward to the evening! I know it is going to be a very fun night!

If you are familiar with my work, you may have seen some of my photographs of the street youth in Calgary. This is another reason I am very excited for the premiere, 50% of all the proceeds of that night are going to, Streetlight, the mobile drop in trailer.

I received a letter this week from, Ivy, one of the staff at Streetlight. She is Streetlight's advocate against human trafficking and prostitution. Ivy is quite an amazing woman. She has dedicated hours and hours of her time to developing relationships with the homeless youth. I want to share this letter with you, so you can have a inside peek on what and who Streetlight is. And where 50% of the proceeds from the Reparando Premiere will be going.

Dear Family & Friends,

I have been working full time now since January 3rd and it has been an exciting adjustment. I struggled in the beginning with trying to switch my concept of work from an administrative work environment to a non-administrative, any time of the day environment. I now feel that I have adjusted and have figured out (for the most part) how to work in this different capacity.

Two of the challenges I have been facing since I started my job are building relationships with the youth and raising additional monthly support to keep me employed and keep my program running. Interestingly enough these are two fundamentals in my ministry and without them I would not have a job. I would appreciate your prayers regarding these challenges.

One Monday evening I was asked by a youth why I wanted to hang out with her and I was rendered speechless. I have never been asked that question before so needless to say I stumbled with an answer that may or may not have answered her question. I haven’t been able to forget that question since.

To give you an update on Tanya (the girl I mentioned in my last letter), she has temporarily lost her daughter to Child and Family Services for a minimum of six months. She is now required to go through some training and counselling to provide her with tools to better handle the challenges she faces in life as a young adult female and as a mother.

On the positive side, February has been an exciting month for StreetLight. Two youth graduated from a rehabilitation program and a third youth (Tanya’s boyfriend) admitted himself into a rehab program. I have known these three youth for almost seven years so being able to encourage them through these steps in their lives has been a joy and a blessing.

I invite you to check out StreetLight’s blog at My co-worker Allan Peters is posting updates on what is happening in the StreetLight program through this forum.

Thank you for your interest and support.