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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Eliana

Here is a post a little more on the personal side of my life. I had a great weekend spending time with family on both sides. Saturday was my nieces 2nd birthday. I was asked to bring my camera. It was a treat shooting with no pressure and no expectations of what the final image will look like (this doesn't happen often). Just shooting for fun. I need to shoot for fun more often.

The theme for the party was Dora the Explorer.
So how perfect but to have a pinta.

But when Dora was decapitated things just didn't seem so fun.

However, when candies exploded out of Dora's backpack...

Smiles returned, and the loss of Dora's head was soon forgotten.

Another of my darling nieces.

Happy 2nd Birthday Eliana!

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