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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guatemala, Here I Come!!

So a new adventure has come my way, a two week trip to Guatemala City. Very exciting! It has all happened pretty fast. I wanted to go do another photo documentary similar to the one I did in June 2009 to Mexico. I made some contacts with a missionary, Joel Van Dyke, down in Guatemala City and he put me in contact with a group named ATHENTIKOS. They were in need of some more still shots and possibly some more footage. The plan is for me to go and get the rest! I'm very excited that they have asked me to make the trip on their behalf. The group is out of the States so I have not met them but have had email correspondence and a telephone conversation, and they are great people to work with! I'm very excited. I will keep you updated as things happen. Leaving on the 17th, so much to do!

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