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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day Four - Last of Antigua

With nothing planned for the day we slept in. When we got up we realized it was a nice hot sunny day! We checked out of our hotel but they let us store our baggage so we didn’t have to carry it all around with us.

On a side note, if you (reading this) go to Antigua, we highly recommend staying at Entre Volcanes. The staff there is wonderful and it is quite beautiful. The rooms are small and simple. But very clean and you get your own bathroom.

For breakfast we went to our favorite, Rainbow Cafe, for the last time. Since I hadn’t been feeling well I stayed and chilled at the cafe while Matt walked around town and got some sun. Matt came back after about an hour to report on some of his interesting finds. He had found an eccentric American who had been in Antigua since 1989. He had a small shop where he roasted and sold coffee beans. We went back to his shop to stock up, since Guatemalan coffee is extremely delicious!! After walking around for a bit more we headed back to our hotel to catch our shuttle back to the city. When we got to our street we saw a large catholic processional starting! We let our host know we would be back in 10 minutes. So off we ran. The air was filled with incense! We photographed quickly, and ran back to our hotel in hopes we hadn’t missed our shuttle. Our driver was waiting patiently and said not to worry, so we went back out on the streets for more photos.

After the processional had passed our hotel we jumped in a truck with our driver and the owner of the hotel, who was also going to the city. They took us up to the hill that over looked Antigua since Matt and I had not had a chance to get up there yet.

We were very thankful our hostess had decided to come with us. She spoke very good english and proceed to call to find out our exact location of where we were to stay once we were in the city and talked to the people at the gate to the seminary. She wouldn’t let us go until she dropped us right in front of our door. She said if she hadn’t been able to drop us off safely she would take us back home with her. And if we had any troubles she said just come back to the hotel and she’ll take care of us. Our driver warned us to be careful, and thought we were crazy for the area we were staying is apparently known to be quite dangerous. We checked in to SETECA. SETECA is a seminary school. It is a large complex with high walls and barbed wirer all the way around the top. There are two entrance gates locked and guarded twentyfour hours a day. We were very warmly greeted. After dropping our stuff off in our apartment we rand to the nearest Dominos, a block down the street, to get supper before it got really dark. When we got there and had ordered we realized we did not have enough cash in the write currency. So we ran back. Matt dress in loose clothing, with his hoodie and toque in attempt to blend in, leaving me behind. As a girl with short bright red hair and big green eyes, I tends to draw too much attention around here for some reason. Matt made it back just fine. Another day enjoyed and complete.

Over looking Antigua.

Beautiful Flower and Sawdust "Carpets"

Ringing of the bell.


Amelia Moore said...

That's so cool you got to be in Antigua at the start of Lent. WOW - awesome shots. And I love the one overlooking the city. AMAZING!

:: bobby :: said...

Stephanie. This is Marko, one of the team members of Athentikos. I was one of the camera men on both trips and I have to say reading your blog and viewing your pics make me miss it so much there. I'm hoping we get to back for the premier and I'm able to bring my wife.

Thanks for what you're doing for us. Can't wait to see what you bring bak. Your pictures are very good!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Steph, I am very impressed with your blog and your photos. Don and I are really enjoying reading your updates. we continue to pray that you will be kept safe and that you will be lead to the places that God wants you to photograph for His work.