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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Street

Today was a great day!
I started on my 'Hiccup' assignment for my portfolio class. Basically we propose our idea to our teacher and he tries to throw some "hiccups" into it to make it more challenging for us.

The City of Calgary has decided to undergo major plans to renovate the east side of down town. The east side is full of old buildings, some abandoned, and is known for its crime, drugs, and homelessness. I have some opinions on what the city is trying to do and how they are spending their money to "fix" this area. However, I thought what would be interesting is to go down town and ask the people who are actually living there right now, what they think. So that was my proposal. My teacher was impressed with my "very ambitious" idea. And it found it hard to throw a hiccup in.

So today, my friend Meaghan and I (my caring husband, family, and friends were not to eager to have me going alone), stopped in at Tim Hortons to pick up a box of coffee and box of donuts. Streets of Calgary, here we come! We met some interesting people and heard some crazy stories: A lady who was a prostitute for 17 years, a man who had moved from Winnipeg three months ago to be closer to his son, and another man who defies some of the homeless stereotypes and has been sober for 27 years. So far, the opinion from the street, (regarding the renovations of the east side) was the that Mayor Dave Bronconnier is a slum lord and the east side should be renovated with low income housing instead of posh apartments.
More to come.

This is Ben. He was the only man who allowed me to photograph him today. But all in all it was was a good day!

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